Saturday, November 27, 2010


"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a wonderful day in the neighborhood"...when someone comes to buy one item and walks away with five! It's only happened two or three times, when I've had a buyer show up to purchase one of my items but notices the plethora of pieces I have for sale and ends up buying two or three! Today, it happened...and in the most glorious way. A new mom to two adopted babies is stocking the nursery and came to buy one very inexpensive Ride-along-Lion (Retails for $34.99, purchased from me for $15) and went home with four additional very nice, infant and toddler toys to welcome her new children. 

The beauty of it all (besides the great influx of cash) is that I have no more monstrous toys invading my family room. Unfortunately for the kids, they don't have anything large to play with! But, the great thing about garage sales is the revolving door of amazing toys that I can get for virtually nothing! So, here's to another week of yard saling and (hopefully) some great bargains on new toys!

Kitchen and Family Room Combo Play Center
Purchased for $5 (Original asking price $10)
Sold for $20
I actually sold this piece a few weeks ago for $30, but the people who bought discovered that it was broken. None of the noise makers worked as a result of the circuitry, so I refunded them their money and posted it for a lower price. 
Upright Fisher Price Piano and Activity Center
Purchased for $5 (Original asking price $10)
Sold for $60


Fisher Price Dragon Play Toy
Purchased for $10 (Original asking price $15)
Sold for $15
Leap Frog Learning Table
Purchased for $5 
Sold for $15 (I was originally asking for $22 but gave her a deal for buying so much stuff)
This is retailing for $49.99 at Toys 'R Us right now, on special for Christmas! 
Molly will be disappointed to see this one go. She loved playing with this toy at Grandma's house.
I also sold a super cute antique stool this week that I bought about 3 weeks ago to a guy who traveled all the way from Highland Park. I paid $.50 or $1 for this and sold it for $15. 

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope it was a gobblerific holiday (How corny is that)?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

From Craigslist to Ebay

In my never ending quest to make a buck, I have been inspired by a mommy friend to pursue the wonderful world of ebay ("wonderful" thanks to their special offer right now to post items for free). So far, I have been $150 this month on ebay off-loading random bits of stuff from around the house and some autographed books that I got for free at a book sellers conference last month. 

Some of the nifty items I've sold:

"Vintage" Leaf Plate
Got it at a garage sale for free two weeks ago and was planning on keeping it because I thought it was a neat find. BUT, money sounded nicer and Jerry just rolls his eyes and shakes his head every time I come home with new dishes. 
Sold it for $1.99 + $15.75 shipping
Total Profit = $6.75
Fallout-Autographed by Ellen Hopkins
I got two copies of this book for free at an independent book sellers conference that I went to in October and thought that it might to well on ebay. The subject matter is about families and kids affected by drugs and the entire 400+ pages is written in poetic line. Not really my cup of tea, but it seemed like the kind of book that has a cult following. I WAS RIGHT! First copy sold for $17.25. Second copy sold for $26.00 and was in a bidding war in the final hour. Within one hour, the bid went from $12.00 to $26.00. SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH! 
I'm totally hooked on ebay. 

On the more profitable end of things...

Craigslist was a slow week, but a few small sales kept me going. 
Remember that black swivel mirror from last week? Sold it for $45 making a profit of $38! Not too shabby.
Sold Wood Pottery Barn Style Swivel Desk Chair
Paid $10 (bargained down from $15)
Sold for $25
I originally had this chair posted for $45 because I had a white one just like it a few months ago that I bought for $5 and sold for $65. But, the guy interested in buying it drove all the way from Chatsworth and after careful debate, I offered it to him for $25. I think I'm getting soft in my middle-age. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all this week! I'm hoping for some great after Thanksgiving sales during the weekend...that is, the kind in people's front yards!

Monday, November 15, 2010

$$$$-Weekly Sales and Killer Finds!

Saturday was a short day for yard saling, but a few good finds I'm sure will bring in the profits...
Not to mention, just a few sales this week, but on some bigger ticket items that made for an over $200 week!!!

Weekly Sales

Little Tikes Play Yards
Found three of these last week yard-saling and was able to snag them up at the end of the day for a pretty good deal! $55 for all of them. Kept one that Molly LOVED. Sold one to a friend for $25 (at cost) and sold the other one on craigslist in less than 24 hours for $75.

Pottery Barn Microfiber Ottoman
I bought this about four weeks ago for $9 (original asking price was $10). Sold this week for $65. No work needed---the best kind of yard sale find there is!

Small TV Table or End Table
Paid $2.50 (Original asking price $5).
The cabinet/table was priced so low because there were wood slats on the side that had fallen off and were being stored inside. I took it home and tacked the side panels back on with nails while securing it with really strong glue. It was an easy patch job for a quick sale, and I sold it within 3-days of posting it for $45.

Weekly Finds

Large Black Wood Swivel Mirror
$7 after negotiating the original price of $10

Pink Exersaucer and Walker Converter
$3 after negotiating the original price of $5

Radio Flyer Spring Horse
$40--Lady not willing to negotiate
But, I had to have it....or, rather Santa Claus had to have it to put under the Christmas Tree this year.  
Besides, this is retailing for over $150 on ebay right now! So, not a bad find even if it wasn't a "hot damn deal."

Let me know if you have something to sell and want more than the "garage sale" price! I'll store, post and sell while you get to collect the $$$! :) 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deals of the Day!

A bang up day for yard saling! Thanks to a loaner truck from my in-laws! THANKS!
Here are some of the greatest finds of the day.

3 Piece Solid Wood Black Bistro Set $25

Super Cute and in perfecto condition! (Original asking price, $40)

BEAUTIFUL White Wooden Hutch $25
Another perfect furniture piece made of solid wood with charming features including bevelled glass and detailed claw legs! I love this one and only got it because a GREAT friend called me when she saw it at a yard sale! (Oh, and I talked them down from $40)

7-Piece Kitchen/Dining Room Table Set $25
(Original Asking price was $30)
Nothing special, just a lot of pieces for one low price. And chair cushions are in great shape!

Antique Wood Tool Box FREE!
Lady tossed this in as a freeby because I bought some other stuff. I just loved this, though and would have willingly paid the original asking price of $.50!

1. Car Seat-in nice condition and under $10
FOUND in less than one week for $5.

2. Step Aerobics Board
FOUND in less than one week for $4 complete with 3 adjusting steps.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Everything Sells...Eventually!

After only one week of "blogging," I already forgot to make my weekly post. And, I just know that you were sitting at your computers all day Sunday waiting for me to write about my eventful week!


Anyhoo, the lesson learned this week: RESEARCH THE PRODUCT! I'm becoming braver in what I purchase at yard sales to turn around and sell on craigslist. So, this past Saturday (not the 30th but the one before that), I found what I thought was a really nice looking, 17 inch, LCD, flat screen computer monitor. I know nothing about computers, but it looked really nice. So, at a $5 price point (I talked her down from $7) I decided to give it a whirl. In my anxiousness to get it posted right away, I took a quick picture and just guessed at the price, listing it for $20. BAD IDEA! Within the first 14-hours of the post, I received no fewer than 10 call or texts (Keeping in mind that was between 8 pm and 10 am). I went back and raised the price to $35 and was still flooded with texts. I made arrangements with a local guy to come pick it up in the evening (less than 24-hours after I posted it) and even had another guy from Whittier as a back-up. To keep a long story short, guy number 1 tried to talk me down to $30 when he came to pick it up. I said, "so sorry." Sent him on his way and called guy number two, from Whittier who came right away and picked up the monitor for $35!

I sold the  computer monitor less than 24 hours after I posted it on craigslist! YAY! (Later, when I looked at the price point, I should have posted it for no less than $50...probably even $65 or $70. Oh Well, can't frown at a 700% profit margin)

In total, I sold eight pieces of furniture this month, but this week, I FINALLY got rid of a kitchen table that was a major thorn in my side. One of my yard saling mottos is to follow my gut feeling about a "product." If I hesitate about something, I should just walk away and move on to the next item. But, occasionally I go for it and ALWAYS regret it later! Such was the case with a kitchen table and chair set that I bought for $15 almost two months ago. There wasn't anything actually wrong with the table, but it was too old fashioned. Oak is out! And, the surface was made of some sort of wood laminate, making it impossible to retrofit correctly. My plan was to paint the entire table white when I had time and raise the price point to around $75. Having never gotten around to it, I sold it for $30 and got the monstrosity of a table out of the garage! So, it was a win-win for all involved.

So, say prayers for a beautiful, rain-free weekend so that I can up my inventory in November!
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