Sunday, November 21, 2010

From Craigslist to Ebay

In my never ending quest to make a buck, I have been inspired by a mommy friend to pursue the wonderful world of ebay ("wonderful" thanks to their special offer right now to post items for free). So far, I have been $150 this month on ebay off-loading random bits of stuff from around the house and some autographed books that I got for free at a book sellers conference last month. 

Some of the nifty items I've sold:

"Vintage" Leaf Plate
Got it at a garage sale for free two weeks ago and was planning on keeping it because I thought it was a neat find. BUT, money sounded nicer and Jerry just rolls his eyes and shakes his head every time I come home with new dishes. 
Sold it for $1.99 + $15.75 shipping
Total Profit = $6.75
Fallout-Autographed by Ellen Hopkins
I got two copies of this book for free at an independent book sellers conference that I went to in October and thought that it might to well on ebay. The subject matter is about families and kids affected by drugs and the entire 400+ pages is written in poetic line. Not really my cup of tea, but it seemed like the kind of book that has a cult following. I WAS RIGHT! First copy sold for $17.25. Second copy sold for $26.00 and was in a bidding war in the final hour. Within one hour, the bid went from $12.00 to $26.00. SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH! 
I'm totally hooked on ebay. 

On the more profitable end of things...

Craigslist was a slow week, but a few small sales kept me going. 
Remember that black swivel mirror from last week? Sold it for $45 making a profit of $38! Not too shabby.
Sold Wood Pottery Barn Style Swivel Desk Chair
Paid $10 (bargained down from $15)
Sold for $25
I originally had this chair posted for $45 because I had a white one just like it a few months ago that I bought for $5 and sold for $65. But, the guy interested in buying it drove all the way from Chatsworth and after careful debate, I offered it to him for $25. I think I'm getting soft in my middle-age. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all this week! I'm hoping for some great after Thanksgiving sales during the weekend...that is, the kind in people's front yards!


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