Monday, November 15, 2010

$$$$-Weekly Sales and Killer Finds!

Saturday was a short day for yard saling, but a few good finds I'm sure will bring in the profits...
Not to mention, just a few sales this week, but on some bigger ticket items that made for an over $200 week!!!

Weekly Sales

Little Tikes Play Yards
Found three of these last week yard-saling and was able to snag them up at the end of the day for a pretty good deal! $55 for all of them. Kept one that Molly LOVED. Sold one to a friend for $25 (at cost) and sold the other one on craigslist in less than 24 hours for $75.

Pottery Barn Microfiber Ottoman
I bought this about four weeks ago for $9 (original asking price was $10). Sold this week for $65. No work needed---the best kind of yard sale find there is!

Small TV Table or End Table
Paid $2.50 (Original asking price $5).
The cabinet/table was priced so low because there were wood slats on the side that had fallen off and were being stored inside. I took it home and tacked the side panels back on with nails while securing it with really strong glue. It was an easy patch job for a quick sale, and I sold it within 3-days of posting it for $45.

Weekly Finds

Large Black Wood Swivel Mirror
$7 after negotiating the original price of $10

Pink Exersaucer and Walker Converter
$3 after negotiating the original price of $5

Radio Flyer Spring Horse
$40--Lady not willing to negotiate
But, I had to have it....or, rather Santa Claus had to have it to put under the Christmas Tree this year.  
Besides, this is retailing for over $150 on ebay right now! So, not a bad find even if it wasn't a "hot damn deal."

Let me know if you have something to sell and want more than the "garage sale" price! I'll store, post and sell while you get to collect the $$$! :) 


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