Sunday, January 23, 2011

FOUND: Over $100 on Side of Road

My hard days work summed up in a single comic strip...

Thanks, Auntie Robin for sending this to me! I LOL'd and it has a permanent spot on the refrigerator!

The Best Kind of Yard Sales to Find...

are moving sales...the kind where people are feeling the pressure of getting rid of stuff and fast. If they make a buck off of it, it's an added bonus! I can usually get stuff super cheap at these kinds of yard sales. At one particular yard sale, the family was under extreme pressure. They had to be out of there house by 5:00 pm so what didn't sell was getting left behind. I just happened to be the lucky benefactor of their left behind treasures. Four car loads later, I had a bunch of free furniture posted to craigslist. Within 24 hours, I made over $100!

Off White Leather Recliner Chair
In PERFECT Condition-no scratches or tears and easily reclined!
Sold for $75 in 24 hours
Received for FREE on side of the road

Set of 4 Reclining Patio Chairs
Sold for $30 in 24 hours
Received for FREE on side of the road

Distressed White Toy Box or Hope Chest
Sold for $25 in less than 2 days
Paid $5 (Original asking price, $10)

Limited Edition Disney Music Boxes (Set of 7)
Sold for $90
Paid $35 ($5 each-Original asking price, $10 each)
I tried to sell some of these on ebay, but that ended up being disastrous! Shipping these very fragile music boxes was far more complicated that wrapping them in bubble wrap and tissue paper. Both of my ebay sales had to be refunded because they broke while being shipped. Thanks to ebay, craigslist, amazon and other web sites, these $40+ music boxes have been devalued to about $10 a piece. 

A New Mommy Pickers Posting
This is an antique Bergere Chair. Having known nothing about Bergere's, I discovered that they are highly valuable furniture pieces. The average price of a Bergere is about $850! You might be able to find one for much less, say $200-$400 but it will most likely need to be completely re-upholstered and re-built. What makes this a unique piece is the delicate engravings on the arms and legs of the chair. They are truly beautiful. And, this one in particular maintains its vintage charm with some contemporary flair in the newly re-upholstered material choice! 
Check out the complete posting



  1. Michele, my mom's neighbor was putting a solid oak 9 drawer dresser out on the curb. I mustered up my courage, put away my pride, walked over and asked if he was getting rid of it. He 'didn't feel like doing Craigslist' was his exact phrase. I am keeping the thing. Way better than anything I have. The guy is insane for dumping a dresser at least worth $100. One man's trash... right?

  2. That's awesome! And, you are totally right. Who can call free furniture trash?

    By the way...ran into someone today who asked me if I was the piccolo player in band. I laughed and said, of course not, that was Cherise Wess. I forget her name already but she said she knew you.

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