Sunday, March 6, 2011

On Call to Sell Stuff, 24 Hours a Day

I got a craigslist call at 11:48 pm this week! The funny thing about the phone call was that it was for baby clothes. Really...who calls at almost midnight someone who (one would assume based on the items of interest) has a sleeping baby at home? With that complete lack of consideration, it was no surprise that she didn't show up to buy the clothes at our scheduled time the next day.

Needless to say, we had a bang up week (I say "we," because Mommy Picker sales sky-rocketed...well, maybe they just soared...but still, we sold a lot of stuff)!

Executive Style Glass Top Office Desk
Mommy Pickers sale with paid delivery service
(Posted for less than 2 weeks)
Sideways Bathroom Cabinet
(stinkin' images won't rotate or upload right and I've about given up)
Sold $45 (Paid $10)
This sold in less than 24 hours with no fewer than five interested buyers.

White Vanity
Sold $165 (Paid $20 for the entire set but sold the vanity by itself)

White Hutch (sorry 'bout the sideways pic)
Sold $75 (Paid $5)
I got this for only $5! I couldn't even bring myself to bargain the price down it was so cheap.

Littlest Pet Shop Toys-Big Lot
Sold $20 (Paid $4)
Weeks ago, I got some littlest pet shop stuff in a box of free stuff so I've had my eyes out for some accessories to go with it. I finally found some and sold the whole batch as one big lot of toys.

Super Ebay Sales 

Authentic Brighton Purse
(With its original box and dust cover)
Closed Auction at $26 (Paid $5 at Garage Sale)

Six Seasons of Sex in the City
Mommy Pickers SALE!
Closed Auction at $61.00

New Mommy Pickers Items up for Grabs!



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