Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mommy Picker Takes a Break...

...but only for one weekend! I'm free of children for three glorious nights for a weekend getaway to celebrate nine years of marriage. Awwww ;) I couldn't leave without sharing my final project for the week and some fantastic sales from the past week. Plus, I must wish my fellow pickers the best of luck while I am out of town...which means more booty for the taking!!!

$2 Outdoor Wood Sofa

Do not be deceived...that is a four year old with a fullllll can of paint! I've given up on keeping my driveway looking nice and just enjoy the paint splatters and fun that we have working on projects together. Not a bad find for $2...right? 

Wood filler for the arms of the sofa to fill in cracks and smooth out the wood. Heavy sanding all around and two-tone paint. Lime green for the slats and teal blue for the frame. I spray painted the slats first and then taped off the edges so that I could brush paint the frame a contrasting teal blue. It ended up being a fun combination of color!

The problem, however...foam cushions! I went to buy thick cushions to reupholster for the couch and nearly had a heart attack to discover that 5" foam runs about $59.99 per yard. And, I needed three yards of it. Which meant by $2 sofa was going to cost around $220 to add cushions. So, clearly foam cushions were not an option. 

Next option...pillows. Those super cheap pillows in the huge bins on the side aisle at Wal Mart for a whopping $2.50 each. Might as well give it a shot. I bought three of them, hot glued them together (because I HATE, I know hot glue works. I made Sammi and Molly chair cushions for their kiddie chairs and used a hot glue gun when my sewing machine broke. They have been trampled on, sat on, tossed around for over two years and are still in great shape and haven't fallen apart), and literally wrapped new upholstery around them like a birthday present. I call it my $2 couch with the ghetto cushions. But, this is the end result:

It's not exactly what I was going for, but I like the end result none the less. And, you can't beat the price. $7.50 for pillows (the other three I grabbed from my bed...I mean who needs 8 pillows on their bed). $35 for upholstery fabric with enough left over for about two chairs. The green throw cushions are left over from my white couch that I sold. $7 for two cans of green spray paint. 

Bargain Buys

Antique Washboard Cabinet
Paid $4
Sold $68
Fixed up the door. Filled in the holes on the top drawer to add single knobs. New hardware on the drawers. And, of course, new paint (See that store through the window...Village Gifts? That will be my new store if city planning commission approves my business).



Run of the Mill, Boring Bookcase
Paid $2
Sold $20
A single can of turquoise blue spray paint. Nice splash of color and quick fix! 



Pair of Ugly Garage Stools with Metal Frames
Paid $6
Sold $30
Removed and reupholstered seats. Broke the plastic components that was keeping them in place. Glued them back on with gorilla glue after spray painting the metal. The end result looked really cool but was a complete pain in the neck and not some of my best work.



Happy weekend! Next week: an update on the store issue! I will know for sure on Tuesday night that status of opening a store. Wish me luck!


  1. I think I'm officially becoming the creepy person who sees all your craigslist listings. Oh well!

    I saw your line about the village gifts store! That's exciting! I hope you get it! I've always wanted to own a store.

    I've had so many projects going on that I haven't been able to get to the oak dresser yet, but I will! and I'll send pictures when it's done.

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