Friday, July 15, 2011

Furniture Friday!

Hooray for a spectacular first week and an fabulous Furniture Friday! In what has been the busiest day to date, I have had a store full of customers checking out all of the new furniture that came out today...and best of all, buying!  But, today I feature my favorite piece to date.

Super Frenchy, super chic and totally shabby (I try not to drool over this furniture find)!

If you've been blogging with me for awhile, you know that I've been working on this find for sometime now. Do I paint it, do I stain it? Well, I finished it two weeks ago and couldn't wait to get it in the store! So, for my first Furniture Friday, my feature piece in all her glory!

I can't get enough of the details of this piece. Curvy buffet top, gorgeous french legs and delicate hardware. Painted a soft beige in some of my new favorite paint and stained and antiqued with Dark Walnut.

Yolo Paint, available at Lowes. "The environmentally responsible paint company." It's mold resistant, low odor and zero VOC (volatile organic compounds).

She has a sister hutch and coordinating 7-piece formal dining room table and chairs that are in process. I'm willing to sell the china cabinet separately, but will be keeping the table and hutch together as a set (unless I get an offer I can't refuse).

Come see her in person! Pictures just don't do her justice.
For Sale $465

Check out the Furniture Friday page to see the other new additions.


  1. Oh my oh my oh MY, this is EXQUISITE!! I just couldn't bear to part with it!! Love love LOVE that bowed front! Siiiigh...

  2. It has to be my favorite piece that you have refinished by far!!!!!! I just wish my house could support a french shabby-chic buffet.

  3. Nice touch on the color, it blends pretty well.

  4. We have similar tastes when it comes to furniture. I love that white counter as well.

  5. I do hope I could find a piece like that, congratulation on that find.
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  6. Michele, I can't get enough of the piece either - the new color and the details. If I'm lucky to find an old cabinet in a flea market, might do the same thing.

  7. Well, i must say that paint can really make a huge difference..!


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