Sunday, July 10, 2011

Open for Business

I've been saving this post for two weeks! Pictures, pictures and more pictures. I'm not going to write about much, other than the Grand Opening Event was great fun and very encouraging! I even sold six pieces of furniture this weekend.

Take note of some of my favorite things:
The Ceiling: I wall papered the ceiling tiles with a textured white wall paper to give it more character and make it look less like a hospital ceiling. It was a bear of a job but I love how it turned out!

The Floor: I hired a muralist (Teresa Jansen...I have her number if you are interested) to paint a brick walkway through the middle of the store. She added the patches of exposed brick on the walls and in exchange I'm painting her a desk! Good deal!

The Wall of Doors: My original plan was to build a wall so that I could have a back work and store room. But, the city required permits, and let's face it...I'm exhausted from working with the city. So, my alternative was a fabulous find of vintage doors that I hinged together to make a portable wall. Much more my style anyway and allows for the store to grow with the inventory.

The Hanging Chairs: On the back wall of the store. Love it!!! Enough said.

Real Burlap sacks as a make-shift rug

Ignore the ugly fan. I need a working vintage fan...keep your eyes out!
The hubs helping out behind the counter! What a nice guy ;)
 New furniture comes out every Friday for "Furniture Friday's!" That's the time to stop by to check out the new stuff. Plus, I'm open late on Friday's! Gasp...I know, the ONLY shop downtown open past 6:00 pm. But, I'm taking the plunge and hoping that I can start a new trend in the downtown area. Plus, being next to the three hippest downtown restaurants should help drive in the traffic.

Check out the "for sale" section this week because I will be adding all of my items and prices during the week.

See you in town!


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