Friday, September 30, 2011


I like to think that I started the "using windows as decoration" trend. Okay...I know I didn't start that trend. BUT, I have been decorating with old windows for over ten years! In fact, the first time I ever saw a window used for decoration was in college at my boss's house. His wife had a fabulous eye for re-purposing and she had a simple window filled with dried flowers hanging in her dining room. From then on, I was hooked!

Me and my frugal self (even back then) went "hmph...I could totally do that myself." So, the next second Sunday of the month, my trusty flea market buddy and I headed down to the Rose Bowl on a mission. Armed with small bills, I negotiated my stack of old windows down to $5 each.

This is what I got:

I filled this window pane with my dried flowers. The bottom portion are the flowers from my wedding, the very top portion are the dried flowers from my sisters wedding (just this past January), and all the flowers in between are from the bouquets of the weddings I have been in.

I know what you're thinking! Wow, I'm soooo popular! Ha's not that big of a window pane and it took me nearly ten years to fill it! I love it though!

Other ways I like to use my windows...

Over my mantle. This one looks especially great at Christmas with the lights and wreath hanging in it.

In my new guest bedroom (I'll be blogging about this room transformation as soon as it is picture perfect).

I looooove this window! Refinished and hanging as a window into the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at Blue Chair. (I didn't do this window but just love how it came out).

And, these are just too yummy for words. I nabbed this picture off of my windows, shutters and doors pinboard on pinterest

Finally, if you've been in the store, you have seen my collage of windows behind the cash register.

Have you decorated with windows? Any new and creative ideas for how to use them!


I saw this dresser on pinterest and loved the birds and all of the detailing. I'm not an artist so wouldn't in my right mind ever attempt to replicate this. But, it did offer some inspiration.

Remember this desk?

I've been staring at this desk for nearly six weeks as it made its rotation throughout the store for custom work. After blogging last week about a dresser in the similar style as this desk, I took inspiration from that project as well as the birds that I loved on the pinterest dresser and went to work.

I started with new knobs...errr...updating the old knobs. I painted them and decopauged dictionary pages with vintage style pictures of birds on them. Then, I gave them a glaze so they looked "aged."

I painted the bookshelf and added the same bird images that are on the knobs on each shelf.

I left the top in its natural wood, just sanded a bit and added some fresh stain to darken some of the "worn" areas.

And, the entire base got fresh paint with some leftovers from last week.

Like the crystal knobs on the top drawer? I didn't have enough of the original wooden knobs, so instead I added glass knobs to the top drawer. It might not be for everyone, but I love the contrast!

In all her glory, she is displayed in the front window for the week!

Some other great new pieces this week! Check out the for sale page for new inventory. If you can't make it to the store for something you love, we can do transactions over the phone or through paypal. Give us a call for details! (626) 914-1600.

Monday, September 26, 2011

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

For the second time this month, I made a trip up to the Central Coast to visit family, take a break from the store and treasure hunt! This last weekend, I made a haul and had the back end of the truck loaded with goodies.

Amongst my treasures, hard to find, vintage luggage from the 1930's/40's. A vintage scale (LOVE)! A hand carved balance with an eagle on top. Old roller skates (random, I know). Topiary forms! And, a bunch more stuff that I didn't photograph.

More photos to come of how I use them to decorate some of the new furniture that will make an appearance this Friday!

Until then...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday's Feature

This Friday at knot too shabby... first in-store sale! I'm starting to clean house to get ready for Christmas and the new merchandise that will be hitting the floor in November. Plus, a ton of the pieces I use solely for "staging" the furniture doesn't work in the store anymore because the furniture that they were staging has sold. SO, I have a table set up in the back with housewares at 50% off!

...a semi-permanent area to view and try on jewelry! Over the past few months, the jewelry in the store (which is a top seller) has gotten lost in the constant movement of furniture (not literally lost). SO, creator and owner of "Fitzy-doodles" helped me re-create a section just for jewelry and brought in about 15 new pieces of jewelry. side tables available on the for sale page and a feature re-do.

This chunky side table with 3-drawers, original hardware painted with a custom color mixture. 

I left the top of this side table/chest of drawers in the natural pine wood, but I stained it a darker and added an antique glaze to the painted finish to darken the wood underneath! I'm really pleased how this piece came out and think it will sell fairly quickly. But, we shall see!

...and, an area in the back of "unfinished opportunities." Some of the pieces I have ready and available for custom work are easier to see out on the store floor and can be selected for a specific decorating need.

Stop by tonight to see the new stuff. We are open until 8:00 pm every Friday. And, mark your calendar for October events in the Downtown area. Homecoming Parade on October 28th at 4:00 pm and the Halloween Walk on October 31st from 10:00-2:00 pm.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Oldie but a Goodie

This was one of my pre-store projects, and continues to be one of my favorite make overs to date.

This was a fabulous, HEAVY, solid wood dresser. Very simple. Very plain. Opportunities abound!

Peeling varnish.

Boring knobs. Paperclip artwork.

Sigh. Lovely wood beneath the chipping varnish. If I did it all over again, I would re-stain the top and paint the base. But, as it was, I painted it.

Hmmm? What to do when you don't have enough of one color for an entire piece? Mix them.
Black and white.

Change boring knobs.

Paint the exterior in a very dull and flat grey. what?

Free hand musical terms on the drawers to tie in the whole music theme.

Finish with medium distressing and black glazing.

The money shot...antique music lined the drawers!

This post is inspiring me. I think I might need to replicate my own idea.

Let's see what happens to this desk in the next week or two!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Decopauge Tutorial

One of the most challenging parts of opening a store has been the lack of "kid appropriate" space for my oldest to help me with projects! One of my most successful behavior modification strategies was rewarding Sammi's good behavior with a piece of furniture to paint. Splattering paint all over the driveway at home was one thing, but doing it in the store...not gonna work! So, while we are in the store, I let her help me with decopauging projects.

My guest blogger for today: Meet Samantha

In the words of a 4 1/2 year old: a decopauge tutorial!

What did we decopauge today?
Sammi: A table

What do you use to decopauge?
Sammi: Modge Podge

What is Modge Podge?
Sammi: Glue

What did we do with the Modge Podge?
Sammi: Dumped it on the table.

Then what?
Sammi: Spread it all over.

What did we do after we spread it?
Sammi: Put the paper on it.

What kind of paper did we use?
Sammi: From a book.

What did we do after we put the paper on it?
Sammi: Waited for it to dry, then cut the parts off the edges.

You can check out Sammi's decopauged side table at this week's Furniture Friday!
100% of the profit from this table will go into her college savings account!

Friday, September 16, 2011

A 1942 Vanity

Remember this?

A dilapidated, falling apart, split veneer, colossal mess beauty! Just so you know in advance, this post has a lot of pictures!

Everything seemed to be falling apart on the exterior part of the vanity.

Lots and lots of time was spent removing all of the veneer and the warped wood.

Once we removed all of the loose pieces, the bones of the vanity were actually in great shape.

There were a lot dings and nicks from the chipping away of the veneer.

I wanted to leave the dings to show the age and wear and intent about keeping the vanity white so that the beautiful details on the mirror and in the woodwork would not get lost in the finish. I also wanted the original and beautifully tarnished hardware to pop!

The picture above is where we stopped working. Then, Julie stopped by! Julie is one of my new fabulous furniture suppliers! She is helping me keep the store stocked with new furniture  and I asked her if she was interested in tackling this project. Her husband is also a very talented wood worker and was able to rebuild the sides of the vanity and a new tray table with scalloped edges, matching the original lines of the piece.

Drum roll please......

With only $20 and 17-hours, a team of five was able to turn this beautiful, 1942 vanity, complete with original hardware and mirror into a classically refurbished piece of furniture!

Good job ladies...and gentleman!
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