Saturday, October 29, 2011

1950's TV Turned Something Else

Recognize this? They are so rare now, I couldn't even find a picture of one in its original form. It is a 1940's or 50's TV. Well....was a TV. The TV components have been completely gutted and a shelf has been added. Cool, right?

I picked this up in San Luis Obispo about a month ago and couldn't walk away without it. I loved the notion that an old TV could be re-purposed into something completely different and new. So, my vision looked something like this...

I left the original stain on the top and polished it up because it was in really nice shape as-is. The base, however I painted a light beige and gave a nice dark walnut antique glaze. I left the inside the same wood tone as the top because I thought it added a touch of elegance and debth.

This little beauty sold in less than 24 hours and is being used as an Entertainment Unit...TV on top and gidget gadgets on the shelves! I think that is so old TV is being used to house a new TV!  

Friday, October 28, 2011

The "Other" Desk

Everything has a price. Especially for me. I hold nothing too close to my heart...well, almost nothing. There are a few things in my house that I couldn't part with. But, for the most part, everything is "sellable." So, when I wrote about the desk I was going to keep, I got a lot of e-mails and comments about how bummed out they (my readers) were that I wasn't going to sell the desk.

One particular reader was so intent on buying the desk, they contacted me and we made "an arrangement." She bought the desk having only seen it in my blog feature and I moved on with the same mind set that I always have. "Something else will come along."

The desk I sold was made for my living room transformation, and as I have been finishing the details on the room, I've been more and more disappointed that I sold that desk. Between now and then, I haven't found a suitable replacement. That is, until Saturday.
My replacement desk:
I loved the curviness of this desk which actually ended up being a better fit and style for the room. I also rethought how I wanted it painted. A stuck with the natural wood on top with a dark walnut stain top.

For the base, I wanted to go two-tone. I got a great new color of yolo paint on the oops shelf at Lowes. 
(Ha ha...the oops paint I found was a paint color I selected a few weeks ago. I dropped by Lowes to grab some stain and can never escape without a new can of paint. I selected a color and when they handed it to me, it was clearly not the color I picked. I couldn't wait for the re-mix so told them I would come back later. When I came back, the color and can I selected had been re-mixed and dumped on the oops counter. So, I got my paint color for $3!)

I painted the drawers white  with my homemade chalk paint blend and gave the entire piece an antique glaze in the dark walnut to darken the tone and add some debth. 
Half of the hardware was broken or missing, so I opted to do my "new thing" which is mixing and matching the hardware. Glass crystal knobs for the top row and the original hardware for the bottom two. I like it. Not everyone does. But, I do. I think it is cool. Different. Fun. 

So long to "the other desk." Hello new desk. Better desk.

Come visit us at our quaint little Glendora Furniture Store to see something truly unique and special. We have regular customers from all over Southern California including Claremont, Upland, LaVerne, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Monrovia, Arcadia, Hollywood, Whittier, La Canada, Sierra Madre, San Marino...and more!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Drop Leaf to Die For

This was the super gross, gooey, gunky drop leaf that I got for free! I skipped the gym on Monday morning to take advantage of time away from the store to do some major sanding jobs.

This is the after!

I sanded the top of the table with 60 grit sand paper. Layers of paper and gunky goop stripped away to reveal a beautiful wood.

I used Dark Walnut wood stain for the top and painted the base of the table black.

Isn't she lovely?

Small and narrow enough to serve as an entry or console table with super long and slim leaves to comfortably seat a dinner party of four to six.

Just to emphasize the amazing transformation, here is the before again:

And the after:

Stop by to see her in person at the Furniture Friday reveal!

365 Days!

It's been a year since I started blogging about my adventures in treasure hunting, refinishing and selling unique or desirable items. I can't believe how things have transpired in just one short year! I was looking back at some of my blog posts from 2010 and early 2011, chuckling at some of the things I actually bought and ended up selling and reminiscing about some great finds I wish I had kept.

Two items stuck out in my mind as my most memorable pieces of randomness that sold in a very short time.

First, this gnarly fish stool, which I claim is the ugliest thing I've ever sold!  

And, the amazing $99 jacket that sold on ebay.

My favorite projects, however were ultimately what drove me to open a store within the year. Notice how "safe" I was while selling out of my garage. I kept virtually everything white for about nine months, until I was so sick of white I branched out with a little bit of color!

This was a great china cabinet I re-did as one of my higher priced items because it fit so well in my kitchen. I had several places in my house that served as a "revolving door of furniture." I'd find pieces that would work well in "that spot," refinish them and price them higher than average. Those pieces would stick around for two to three months until someone had to have it. I never used these pieces because I didn't want to get too attached. This piece sold in about eight weeks for $350.

I LOOOOOVED this secretary...and those chairs next to it, too. I refinished all of those pieces and they had a pleasant stay at Blue Chair Children's Bookstore until they sold.

This piece, was hands down my favorite find and re-do. It is an antique record cabinet, with great curvy legs and gorgeous wood details! I sooo regret selling this piece, even though I don't really have the perfect place in my house to keep it.

Finally, my other favorite re-do was the first "staged" piece of furniture in the store, making an appearance in the front window before I opened.

This piece was also one of my first custom ordered projects. I made some minor changes for the new owner and customized a matching mirror and side table for them.

What a year! Today is the last day to become one of my blog followers to be entered into my store gift certificate drawing! Don't forget to "join this site."

As for the next year...more blogging, more furniture; some great tips and insights into how to find success selling on craigslist; store crafting projects; home improvement projects; better pictures for my blog; blog sponsors...and the list goes on!  

Thank-you for following, reading and supporting my adventure!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gooey Gunk with Hair Stuck in It! YUCK!

Free stuff is great. Free stuff isn't always worth it. This free item nearly went into the trash.

That's paper stuck to the table. It was stuck by gunk. And, the other side:

Yep. More gunk. A lot of gunk. Gunk that I was sure damaged the wood. Do I even bother to take the time and see what's below the surface? With a coarse, 60 grit sand paper and my electric sander, I worked through all of the gunk, paper, old varnish, and...

Not bad, if I do say so myself?

And the base?

A picture just doesn't do it justice. The base of the table was covered in gunk. But in the thick layer of gunk and dirt, there were piles of hair. was disgusting! Rubber gloves please!

My other project:

Yummy, delicious, curvy desk! I stripped down the top, which was heavily scratched and dinged.

I like!

Check my facebook page for the final results later this week!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Car Chase

Today was interesting. My typical Saturday morning includes waking up before the sun is up and throwing on my grubbiest jeans, sweatshirt and baseball hat, making my way over to mom's house to pick her up for what is sure to be a fruitful morning of yard sales. What I wasn't planning was the 55 MPH chase down Foothill Blvd., trying to catch up to the truck that hit my truck on the side of the road...except that he didn't hit my truck, he hit my in-laws truck!

Mom and I were checking out all of the awesome goodies at a fabulous yard sale when we heard a huge CRASH! All of us (which included the home owner and a few other shoppers) shot around to see what happened. We saw glass and plastic flying and a huge Service Masters Truck driving down the road.

"That truck [pause] just hit [pause, wide eyes]....THAT TRUCK JUST HIT MY CAR!!! And, it's not pulling over."

I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't catch the license plate. I didn't think I would be able to catch up.

"GO....catch up to that truck!" my mom exclaimed.

I jumped into the truck, flew down the street, cutting off another car and raced down Foothill Blvd. going over 50 MPH, trying to catch up to the Service Masters Truck that was now barely in sight. Ahead of me, the light at Loraine turned red. Do I blow through the light? Do I stop? turned green before I got there and I continued my chase. I could see the large truck now and was on its tail. I called 911 and was able to pass along information to the dispatcher, including vehicle description and lisence plate number.

The truck turned into the High School Parking lot, clearly watching me follow and talking feverishly on my phone. We pulled side by side (I'm still on the phone with dispatch).


"What? OMG! I'm so sorry...I'll fix it. I'll take care of it!"

What I thought was some punk kid trying to evade responsibility ended up being a middle aged professional, who honestly thougth that a ball or rock hit his truck.

Have you ever had those moments, driving down the road in a complete daze, watching where you are going but not paying a bit of attention? That's pretty much what happened.

And, Tod (that's who hit me...we're pals now) took care the repair. Which, by the way is finished.

DAVE: You're truck is ALLLLL good! Here's a picture for proof! Thanks for letting me borrow it every!

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Friday Full of Beds

I must be tired, because the only major things I worked on this week were beds!

See that junky full size headboard and foot board! It is at least three different colors and had great potential!

I love the two-tone look. It brings out all of the scalloped edges and features! Macy did the painting with a homemade mixture of chalk paint and I finished it with the distressing. It looks awesome!

I had two of these headboards. They were overwhelmingly boring. So boring, I lacked inspiration...for a long time. I finally bit the bullet and tackled both of these this week. My inspiration was drawn from a mom who stopped by the store this week. She looked at me and said, "you have girls, don't you?" stuff tends to trend on the more girly side. I decided to make these more gender neutral, rather than girlifying them (which I would have done with cute resin rose pieces from etsy and shabby chic'd in a traditional white or pink).

The first...

Pretty basic, but much nicer in a very boyish (or girly with the right decor) shade of green.

And, the second...

A one-of-a-kind chalkboard bed. Bright blue frames the center of the headboard, which is painted with chalkboard paint for those more artistic ones! What a great way to wake up in the morning..with a fun memo from mom, dad, the tooth fairy, Santa Claus...anyone really!

Check the for sale page for other new pieces and pricing! Thanks for stopping by.

Oh yeah...and check my facebook page for my $100+ gift certificate give away going on this week!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Design Ideas for Total Room Makeovers

In addition to holding myself to the standard of refinishing about five + pieces of furniture every week, keeping up with my day-to-day household tasks (which, I might add I'm not doing very well seeing as how dirty laundry is pouring out of my closet begging to be done) and keeping up with my girls, I've decided that now is a good time to re-decorate my entire house. It's pretty much a form of self-inflicted torture! But, helping other people decorate their spaces really gets my creative juices flowing to decorate my own space. Plus, it needs me to make some changes! So, I thought I would share one of my home decorating projects and the thought process behind my extensive (yet inexpensive) change. My living room:

I're wondering..."how does she go home to that lack-luster space every night?" Trust me...I've been asking myself the same question.

Design tip #1: Before you re-do a room, ask yourself, "how do I want to use this space on a day-to-day basis?" Then create a living space that will suit your functionality.

My old living room (above) was used primarily as a sitting room. The piano was the heart of the room, so-to-speak. My husband teaches private music lessons a few days a week so this room was off-limits during lessons and had to be kept in reasonable order so that it was "lesson ready." Unfortunately, the living room connects right to the kitchen. Which meant making dinner during lessons, doing laundry, or cleaning was a constant distraction. Plus, the computer, tv, toys were all kept in the family room in the back of the house. When mom makes dinner, she is all alone while everyone is playing in the back. :( We are flip-flopping the two rooms. Living room (which will actually be more of a rec room) will move to the back of the house and the family room is moving to the front.

Design tip#2: Before you make any major changes to your space (paint, furniture, flooring), find your design inspiration!

Like this authentic burlap coffee bag that I snuck brought back from Hawaii this summer. The inspiration behind my entire room transformation (both front family room and kitchen) is centered around this single burlap bag. I know...weird! I love it though. It's earthy, but there are a lot of colors to pull from!

Design tip #3: Neutralize your color pallet.

If you had told me five years ago that I was going to paint my walls cream, I would have shook my head, "no way!" I am a color girl. I LOVE color. But, the green that I chose when we first moved in has been so limiting. I know everyone says, "use color with your paint! It's so cheap and easy to change." And it is cheap, but who wants to re-paint when they get sick of the color. Not me! What, with three doorways and a large window, that is a lot of cutting in and detail painting. No thank-you. So, I will bring color in seasonally and with a piece of furniture or two. And, if you are into holiday decorating, think about how your seasonal decorations will look in your space. I made that mistake when I painted my kitchen a great teal color. I loved the color, but come Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, the decorations looked nasty against the teal paint.

Design tip #4: Don't be afraid to DIY (do it yourself)

Aren't they lovely? That is the original wood floor, hiding beneath the yards of thick, beige, dirty, grungy carpet. Reality: we had no idea what the wood was going to look like. But we took a risk and pulled up the carpet knowing that there was no way we could afford to replace the floors if these looked terrible, nor would we be able to hire a professional to refinish them. So, we went with it and this is what we found. $55 to rent a drum sander from Home Depot and 35 minutes stripped all of the glue and varnish. A matching coat of stain ($16 for two cans) and polyurethane ($32 for two cans)...voila! A brand new floor for $103!  

Design tip #5: Take a risk and do something original!

Yikes! I did it. I wrote with a permanent marker on my hardwood floor. I wanted something different...unique...representative of us...and a floor mat from Target just wouldn't cut it. So, I made my permanent welcome mat...rather, etched it into the floor. This kind of design isn't for everyone, but I think I will like it. Especially when the space is filled with furniture and fun decoratives.

This is how far I've gotten. And, in case you are wondering all of this work has been completed in less than a week.

The carpet was removed on Saturday, which is a story in and of itself. And, I will share that story in another post!!!
Thd floors were sanded on Sunday, stained on Monday.
The walls painted on Tuesday and the floor polyurethaned on Tuesday.
And, I did the etching on Wednesday.

Oh yeah, and for my post tomorrow, I will be showing three completed bed frames, a side table, coffee table and hopefully (we will see how my day goes) a finished dresser!

I will show the total room transformation when it is complete, so check back!

Friday, October 14, 2011


A couple of months ago, I was on the hunt for a birdhouse. I just think they are cool looking...particularly the vintage birdhouses that are all rusted and chipped. Today, I have four of them! Seek and ye shall find...right?

I got this birdhouse a little over a month ago in an antique store up north. I love the shape, the rusy wired look and I have it sitting on a cake platter so that it is raised up!

This heart shaped birdhouse hangs on a floor stand and is perfect for hanging the trendy feather earrings. In its original state, this birdhouse was green and brown with a huge bouquet of fake flowers on the top. I took those off and sprayed it white and added some distressing so that appeared more aged than it actually is.

This darling wooden birdhouse is new to the store this week! It's a great accessory for any room in the house and can be filled with all kinds of goodies! After all, who needs a birdhouse for a bird?

Finally, the mother load of all  birdhouses!

I guarantee you will never see a birdhouse like this one anywhere else! This birdhouse was hand made out of re-purposed materials! The top is fashioned from a deconstructed lamp, the frame of the base and house is made from decorative picture frames, the pillars on the side of the house is made out of old chairs and the wood is old barn wood. Plus, take a gander at the gorgeous crystal door knob. This is for outdoors or indoors! There are no two birdhouses identical.

The same craftsman who constructed this birdhouse also makes these beautiful crosses.

There is a beautiful story with these crosses, so you'll have to stop by to read them and be moved by its creation!

On a final note, I haven't taken any store shots in a long time so I thought I would leave you a picture of the store from the front door. For the first time since I've been open, I love how it looks from front to back, with my grand armoire serving as the focal point from the very front.

Happy Weekend All!
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