Saturday, October 29, 2011

1950's TV Turned Something Else

Recognize this? They are so rare now, I couldn't even find a picture of one in its original form. It is a 1940's or 50's TV. Well....was a TV. The TV components have been completely gutted and a shelf has been added. Cool, right?

I picked this up in San Luis Obispo about a month ago and couldn't walk away without it. I loved the notion that an old TV could be re-purposed into something completely different and new. So, my vision looked something like this...

I left the original stain on the top and polished it up because it was in really nice shape as-is. The base, however I painted a light beige and gave a nice dark walnut antique glaze. I left the inside the same wood tone as the top because I thought it added a touch of elegance and debth.

This little beauty sold in less than 24 hours and is being used as an Entertainment Unit...TV on top and gidget gadgets on the shelves! I think that is so old TV is being used to house a new TV!  


  1. what a great idea and it totally works for you. Very beautiful and unique piece. love it!

  2. Great piece of furniture! I love how you painted it.


  3. nice find and great work on the update!

  4. WOW!!!! What an eye for a wonderful re-purposed piece of furniture. I love the look!

  5. Wow, what a wonderful redo! It looks great!


  6. TV's sure used to be a quality piece of furniture. Love what you did to repurpose it. You did a great job.


  7. Love this, it turned out so pretty! I just passed a tv console on the street the other day. I would have snatched it if I had room in my car.....

  8. That is a beautiful cabinet. I have seen many of the 60's and 70's tv's but not one as beautiful as this.

    Great find!!


  9. LOVE how you left the inside and top original. Nicely done!

  10. So cool! Looks amazing. I keep passing one of these in my fav. thrift store and it still has the tv in it. I've been wanting to do something just like this to it but haven't worked up the confidence to even buy the piece!! Thanks for the inspiration. Maybe next time I will pick it up :D

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