Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gooey Gunk with Hair Stuck in It! YUCK!

Free stuff is great. Free stuff isn't always worth it. This free item nearly went into the trash.

That's paper stuck to the table. It was stuck by gunk. And, the other side:

Yep. More gunk. A lot of gunk. Gunk that I was sure damaged the wood. Do I even bother to take the time and see what's below the surface? With a coarse, 60 grit sand paper and my electric sander, I worked through all of the gunk, paper, old varnish, and...

Not bad, if I do say so myself?

And the base?

A picture just doesn't do it justice. The base of the table was covered in gunk. But in the thick layer of gunk and dirt, there were piles of hair. Really...it was disgusting! Rubber gloves please!

My other project:

Yummy, delicious, curvy desk! I stripped down the top, which was heavily scratched and dinged.

I like!

Check my facebook page for the final results later this week!


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