Sunday, November 6, 2011

Miss Mustard Seed Inspired Hutch

Custom work has become a rather substantial part of my store business. More than I would have ever anticipated! It's fun to take someone else's vision and turn it into reality with their furniture. I also drool over some of the furniture pieces that make their way into the store, wishing I could keep it for myself.

This week, I finished four custom projects, one of which included a fabulously detailed hutch. My customer brought it over and said, "I saw this french armoire on Miss Mustard Seed that I really liked. Can you do the same thing on this hutch?"

I knew exactly which one she was talking about. Good taste!

This is the inspiration piece.

And, this is the hutch transformation.

I used my homemade chalkpaint with a soft grey and swiss coffee for the insets and flower details.

Great ideas come from great resources! There is endless amounts of inspiration on the web, so if you are lacking in creative ingenuity, hit the blogs to surge your creativity! Thanks Miss Mustard Seed for a great redo!  


  1. Love the colors! Beautifully done.

  2. You did a FANTABULOUS job! Please feel free to share your talent over at my Linky Party #3! I would be honored!

  3. turned out beautiful, im going to be mixing up some of my own diy chalk paint. wanted to try the real thing first so i know what to compare it to

  4. This is wonderful. Love the colours and the way you have changed the look. Thank you for sharing your world with mine.

  5. so pretty!Great job painting--it turned out beautiful!


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