Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Pretty Little Number

Sometimes simple pieces of furniture are harder to work on...well, that is...harder to find inspiration that will take it from simplicity to fabulicity (Can I get credit for making up that word?)

I found a very plain chest of drawers at a storage sale last weekend and dropped it off at the store for Macy to work on.

Normally, when I see a piece of furniture, I immediately have a vision of what it needs to look like at the end of the day. Not so with this one. I told Macy to paint it. Find inspiration on the Internet and go with it.

Her inspiration was making it two-tone with black on the frame and white drawers. Then adding a decorative element to each drawer.

I toyed around with the idea of adding hardware to it because I had these cool knobs that I could mix and match.

But, the simplicity of this piece is what made it special, so opted against that.

Then I recalled the variety of furniture pieces with numbers painted on them.

Saw this one on pinterest.

Numbers were perfect! A simple design that would add a pop!

I found my numbers design from the graphics fairy!

For sale this Furniture Friday!

My other big project of the week is the large children's play kitchen. I'm adding progress updates on facebook, so if you're interested in seeing how it's coming along check my facebook page! I won't be able to blog about this baby until after Christmas.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh- I just found your blog through that naughty M over at OC Cottage. I say naughty because I promised myself I would not sign up for any more blogs because I always HAVE to put my 2 cents worth in every time I visit. (That would be commenting)...but I came...I saw...I'm signing. You ave a wonderful blog and I am your newest follwer. Love it- Hugs- Diana

  2. Hi there,

    I went to the Youtube channel link you have for your blog and it's being blocked/unplayable for copyright violation- you might wanna see what YT has against your commerical because I'd love to see it!


  3. This looks awesome! ...even though I have mixed feelings on the numbers trend.

    I can't wait to see what you do about the play kitchen!


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