Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Features

Happy Friday!

This week flew by for me and I feel like I didn't get anything done. No major furniture pieces to speak of, but still, a lot of new stuff.

I leave you with pictures!

Cane back chair painted with a combination of French Linen and Versailles and covered with a simple grey print. I think that chair would look awesome with burlap on it!

Mom painted this cute utility cabinet. She said, "it needs to be in a boys room" and picked Napoleonic Blue for the color. It's the perfect size for a game system. TV on top, game console in the cubbie and games and accessories in the drawers.

Chippy, chippy side table in Heirloom White and distressed to the max. The fantabulous blue shutters are a Grandma Laurie (from Blue Chair) creation and a traditional, white plant stand.

This Eden green stool screams "yard" to me. It just seems like it would be the perfect accessory in a garden surrounded by vibrant flowers.

A lot of new frames, a window and a new chalkboard. I like how the mix-matching of everything looks and am re-doing the entire north wall of the store to replicate this concept and showcase the Annie Sloan paint colors.

It's a new pick it before I paint it piece, but I put it on the floor this week. I love, love this table. It's so unique and vintagey looking. I hope someone picks it up for custom work before I put a brush to it.

This White Clad trash cabinet is in pristine condition. It pains me to paint it when it looks so nice...even if it is oak. I have it out on the chance that it might sell. If not, I'll be tackling this with a two-tone color scheme and some decopauge.

This is an interesting piece. It's a recliner table. Built in cubby for things and can fit over your lap while you're lounging.

Finally, the window displayed with this dynamic red dresser and all of the  books I have. I had no idea there were so many books in here!


  1. wow- Lots of stuff to look at. I think that last one is so cute..and I can see the little green stool in the garden, too! xo Diana

  2. Michele, I love the green stool. It's so cute to put a basket of flowers on. The red cabunets would be nice in a craft area. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

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