Sunday, April 29, 2012

Waxing Wonders

Yesterday I had my first Annie Sloan Waxing Workshop in the store.  It was fun! Everyone brought something small of their own to paint, and we painted molding pieces in a variety of colors and then applied different wax finishes to each piece.

Once we finished with the wax finishes, the girls could apply the waxing method of their choice to their furniture piece that they brought. wondering how many different things you can do with Annie's wax to justify a workshop?

Well, in a nutshell, we used the wax in simple fashions; i.e. clear wax application, dark wax with graphite, clear wax/dark wax application. Then, we did some more "advanced" techniques to show the versatility of the wax! Clear wax/dark wax mixes, making colored wax, and using a wax glaze.

The girls gave me some inspiration for this little side table during the workshop yesterday. It is painted Provence with Antibes as the accent color. Edgy, right?

I showed the girls how to get a natural crackel effect with the paint! That was a freebie. :)

Then, I waxed the entire outside with an Olive colored wax. Hints of the olive green are subtle, but seen throughout the blue.

After the Olive Wax, I hit it with dark wax in spots to bring out the crackling and darken areas of the paint.

My mom told me it was ugly. :) Ha ha!

It's important to surround yourself with people who are honest. :)

This week, I will be working on this project and I can't wait to tackle it!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Annie Sloan in a Paint Sprayer, Vaseline Distressing, A 12-Minute Paint Job and a Dresser With the Chicken Pox

YIKES! That's a mouthful!

This was the dresser! It was a BEAST! I DID NOT want to paint it. So, I sprayed it.

It's my first time using my paint sprayer with Annie Sloan paint and I was eager to see the results. I chose Aubusson Blue for this piece for no other reason than it was the only can of Annie Sloan I had at home.

I watered down the paint quite a bit so that I would feed through the sprayer nicely.

BUT...before I sprayed it, I was itching to try a technique that I've read about.

Distressing with Vaseline.

I slapped Vaseline all over where I wanted it to look distressed. There was really no rhyme or reason to where I put the Vaseline. I just dabbed it all over.

12 minutes later, I had a fully painted dresser and Vaseline all over my camera lens. Seriously, it only took 12 minutes to paint the BEAST!

Now the fun part. Let's see how it looks when I wipe off the Vaseline!



That's all I could do when I was wiping off the Vaseline...laugh at myself.

(Insert psycho music here)

It has the chicken pox!

There are really no rules about distressing...EXCEPT TO NEVER MAKE YOUR DISTRESSING LOOK LIKE THIS!

The error in my technique was dabbing the Vaseline rather than using a pattern that looked more natural. I'll be trying this again...with a smaller piece of furniture.

After some serious sanding, spray poly and dark walnut stain, the finished product was...errr...acceptable.

I dropped off this dresser Wednesday night after we closed, set it up on Thursday and it sold on Friday!

If you're wondering how the paint sprayer worked with a dream! I sprayed a table and two chairs the same day I did this dresser and was able to get all four pieces painted in less than an hour. When time is money, that is a good investment!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Room for Family

I was sitting here at the computer, all geared up to write about the huge number of painting projects WE accomplished this week! I have a lot to write about...two dressers, a kitchen set, a few burlap covered chairs, side tables, benches...etc. etc. etc. Except for a little problem. I'm writing at home and all my pictures are downloaded at the store. I know there are like five people eagerly waiting for my Thursday evening post, and I'd hate to let them down. So, I figured since I'm writing at home for a change, I'd show some pictures of my  biggest home project of the week.

Our family room redo. 

Let me explain to you the challenge with our family room. It's 600 square feet HUGE! You could fit a small cottage inside of our family room. The size of the back room was one of the biggest selling points when we bought our house. However, a large room, in some ways is much harder to decorate than a small room. So, we pieced the room into manageable sections to create areas of interest and comfort. 

Though, I am by no means finished with this room, here is a peek at some of the "sections" I put together this week. 

I redid the fireplace mantle, taking down the six paned window that has been there for the past six years and replacing it with a picket fence that I "bought" at knot too shabby. I still need to fix the flowers in the watering can...obviously. 

The piano was moved to a new wall and I added new lamps from Home Goods for some much needed task lighting for when my husband teaches music lessons. I "bought" the arched window frame from the store and was going to bring a stack of vintage children's song books home with me today that haven't sold in forever. Ironically, they sold today before I could set them aside. 

We moved our pool table from the south side of the room to the north side of the room so that it served as more of a focal point and had plenty of room around it for legitimate game play. 

We created a lounging section of the room where our new couch is in the back corner (which I will picture later), and I "bought" a bunch of picture frames at the store to mix amongst my "I had no money when I was a newly wed so bought all of my picture frames at Wal Mart" collection. 

Thank-you pinterest for passing on the idea of twining pictures within large frames. Pure genius for a person who loves to change pictures out often! This antique frame is chipped up all over. I love it. 

The kids table and chairs set serves as a side table by the couch and is perfectly placed near their play kitchen. I'm going to re-do this table though. I'm thinking of stripping the paint, refinishing the top with dark walnut wood stain and painting the base white. 

This crate houses all of the sheet music and lesson books and is another "side table" so to speak. I "bought" it at the store this week, too.

Wait til' you see the rest. I'm trying to work in some vintage suitcases, an old trunk and a bunch of wire baskets. But, I'm not there yet so stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pause and Reflect

I had an Uncle  in the navy who died during the Vietnam War. His plane supposedly exploded over the Indian Ocean en-route and no bodies were ever found. The explanation given to my mom's family at the time of his death was sketchy, to say the least. His file was deemed classified, so what little information was given to the family was ambiguous and raised more questions than provided answers.

My parents were recently notified that my Uncle's case file was finally de-classified so they were going to be able to get all of the information relating to his death. As a result, mom has been digging through boxes of old pictures and memorabilia to provide the NSA for the planned memorial service that is scheduled to take place sometime in the coming months.

All this to say, that in her quest for some pictures of my uncle, she came across a plaque that was given to the family in honor of his service.

Apparently, no one wanted this. I can't imagine why. I's an ox(?) and a dolphin with lightening being shot through it. Lovely! But, beneath the "San Miguel" text there was a nice inscription. I asked my mom if I could have the plaque to dismantle. I had something in mind for it.

The "something that I had in mind" was for a blank spot just above my kitchen sink. I've been wanting a reclaimed wood sign to hang up there. But, I was stuck on two things: I didn't have any reclaimed wood and I didn't know what the sign should say. That is, until I found inspiration in the dolphin plaque...and the old boat.

I turned this boat into a bookshelf so took out the old seat, which just so happened to be the perfect size for my wooden sign.

I added a coat of Provence to the piece of wood and then heavily distressed it so that the blue washed right off and just peeked through the unfinished wood and old white paint.

Then, I "free-handed" the lettering on the sign with a paint pen, distressed it and added clear wax to seal the finish.

 The inscription from the dolphin plaque was glued right in the center.

Now I have my wood sign above my sink with a reminder to "Pause and Reflect" on the important things in life. Family, friends, lost loved ones!

Plus, it just looks way better than that dolphin and ox plaque!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Beautiful Spring

It's going to be a great day! My biggest girl is 5-years old today!

And, it's Furniture Friday. Which means four new pieces in the store, all of which are part of an antique bedroom set. I posted the armoire and dresser yesterday but I had a chance to finish the matching nightstands today.

The whole set together.

Happy Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Birds of a Feather

I picked up a fabulous set of furniture last weekend that included an armoire, 9-drawer dresser and two matching nightstands. We didn't waste any time in getting started, and between Patti, Macy and me, we managed to get the dresser and armoire finished this week.

The original stain on top remains and the frame of the dresser is painted in Paris Grey with Dark Wax. The inset of the middle drawers have Old White with Dark Wax and all of the original hardware is intact. This great dresser also comes with a matching mirror.

We refinished the armoire similarly as the dresser with original stain on top, Paris Grey and Old White accents.

The pop comes from the cute birds stenciled on the front.

I like the simple elegance...a lot. I think I'm adding this to one of my favorites!

Oh yeah...I painted the inside, too.

Primer Red and Dark Wax.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Better than the Westin! Master Bedroom Makeover for under $200

In the six years that we've lived in our house, one of the only two rooms that we haven't touched was my master bedroom.

I liked the paint color that was already in there and the existing carpet was in pretty good shape. So, we just went with it.

Nice of me to straighten things up for pictures, huh? Just keeping it real!

In these before pics, I had already stripped the walls of decorations and took curtains down, so it looks particularly gnarly!

It's taken me a very long time to get started on this project because I didn't have a jumping off point. That is, until the end of February when I nabbed a complete French style bedroom set.

These two nightstands came with a coordinating dresser and mirror. They screamed "STORE!" But, then I started giving it more thought and decided that they would work really well to replace my existing furniture (which was from Target, by the way...I know...pathetic for a furniture restorer).

I really don't like matchy matchy furniture. Coordinating furniture, in my opinion shows a real lack of creativity. But, then again, I thought I could lessen the matchy-matchiness of the set by painting the nightstands a different color than the dresser.

So, that became the plan. Old White nightstands. Paris Grey Dresser. Fresh Paint. Wood Floors. New bedding. Add a headboard. Move the curtains.

Step 1:
Paint Walls. I used Behr Paint and Primer in a lovely shade of grey, two shades lighter than Annie Sloan Paris Grey. I love Behr paint, but have never used their paint and primer combo and it worked awesome. My entire room only took one coat of paint!

Step 2:
Remove Carpet. I asked my hubby when he would be able to take the carpet out for me. He said May 20th (to be fair, he takes the comps for his Masters Degree on May 19th so I couldn't really ask him to take a reprieve from his writing to humor my silly re-decorating whims). That wasn't gonna work for me though. Last Tuesday, I stood in the middle of my room and was thinking, "I could totally do this! I don't need him to take out the carpet." And that's exactly what I did. I moved all the furniture out. Disassembled my king size bed and starting ripping it out.

The hardest part was getting the bed over the gigantic roll of carpet.

Who needs a man, anyway!? Okay, okay. I do! I never want to do that again. It was totally mans work! But, I got it all up and out of the myself. In just an hour!

Step 3:
Refinish furniture. This is all I did last week. It seemed like took for.ever. I got nothing done for the shop because I was so focused on getting my bedroom furniture repainted!

Step 4:
Put it all together!


Wondering how I did this for under $200?

I got the dresser and nightstands at a garage sale for $60! It was a killer deal and every piece had all of the original hardware intact!

I painted the dresser in Paris Grey with Old White accents in the detailing around the legs and on the side and I stripped the top and re-stained it with a dark walnut finish. The entire piece has a coat of dark wax.

The nightstands are painted in Old White with dark wax and the top was stripped and re-stained with a mixture of Mission Oak and Dark Walnut. I used a large stencil (thanks to Debbie at 'round the coop for the loaner) on the top of both nightstands!

The headboard is one of my favorite new additions and it didn't cost me a dime.

For years, it has been propped up against a wall at Blue Chair Children's Bookstore with stuffed animals, bows or other children's items hanging from it. I've always wanted it but it's never been for sale...until recently. Grandma Laurie at Blue Chair traded the antique screen door for a whole bunch of new hardware for some projects that she was working on! SCORE!

The comforter set was the most expensive part of the new room at $79.99 for one of those bed in a bag sets from Home Goods. It came with the two shams and three throw pillows. I splurged on the fluffy green pillow, which was $16.

The lime green curtains were a set that I already had from my stash. I just moved them to the other window so that the headboard and nightstands were the focal point on the south wall of the room.

And all of the accessories were already in my room, I just moved them around to different walls. I still have some more accessorizing to do...but all in good time.

Figuring I used about $10 worth of Annie Sloan paint for the furniture, the total cost of the entire room was $198.00. Not a bad investment for a space that I spend a lot of time in and strive for comfort, elegance and style!

I love it. Better than the Westin!

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