Friday, April 13, 2012

I have done more painting this week than I care to admit. And, as of right now I don't even have much to show for it...yet.

Most of my painting projects were for me which included a beautiful french dresser, two nightstands and my bedroom walls and trim. I did manage, however to sneak in a few store related projects. The biggest one being the custom ordered dresser and nightstand that I wrote about yesterday. Thankfully, Macy got them painted for me so that I could finish them with the detailing work otherwise, they would have never been finished this week.

I also painted a cute frenchy style side table. It is a simple piece, painted in Old White with clear wax and lightly distressed.

A new highboy dresser will be making its way into the store sometime this weekend. I couldn't bring it today because of the rain and I don't have an awesome picture of it.

Since I don't have much store furniture to show, I'll leave you with a peek of my new and improved bedroom!

Stay tuned because I will be sharing my complete bedroom makeover which was under $200.


  1. Michele- Your painted pieces are wonderful. Well worth all the work you did this week. GREAT job~ xo Diana

  2. Hi, Michele!
    Love what you have done so far!
    I am a big fan of gray...
    and white...
    Can't wait to see the bedroom makeover!

    1. Me too! I Love.Love Gray and White. Thanks for stopping by!


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