Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Double Do-Over

I have six dining room tables to refinish. When I find sets, I snag them up primarily for the chairs, which sell much faster than tables. So, over time I get a collection of tables. This weekend, I decided to tackle at least one of the tables so I could check a box off of the to-do list.

I chose the largest table I have. Easily, this seats fourteen people.

I painted the top Old White and used a roller to apply the paint.

The base is French Linen and the edges got lightly hit with a sander to distress it.

Collapsed down, it is simply a normal size dining room table for six.

I also painted a low boy dresser that my folks picked up this weekend.

This comes with a coordinating mirror. With the wood detail in all of the drawers, I opted to use my sprayer.

I mixed the last of my Aubusson with Louis Blue, which gave me a bright blue color.

Right now, this is sitting in my backyard since I don't have room for it in the store.

I could get used to it being there.

The top is the original dark walnut stain and has beautifully grainy top!

When I get this to the store, I will put dark wax over it...that is, unless it sells before then.

Both of these pieces are on the for sale page even though they aren't at the store yet.

On the list of redo's this week is another one of my dining room tables and a vintage record player and a host of chairs...to go with all the dining tables, of course!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

For the Love of Arles!

In fall, I see orange.
In winter, red.
In spring, blue (teal, specifically)
And, in summer I see yellow!

That is, to say if I were to classify my seasons by colors, those are how I would match them up.

Being that it is summer, or close to it, I thought I'd spruce up the store with some color.

How about a little Arles? The rich, golden, mustard seed yellow.

The is the piece beckoning for some Arles! This heavier than all get out and was hardly worth buying because it was so stinkin' heavy beautifully detailed armoire with amazing storage opportunities.

Yeah...there was no way I was going to brush paint this so I pulled out the sprayer and went to town. But, I only went to town for 15 minutes because it didn't take that long to paint. I even got to put a bit of Arles and a chair. See it peeking in the picture?

I used my sander and 220 grit sand paper to distress it...which, if you've ever taken one of my paint classes, you should know I nearly never use my sander to distress Annie Sloan. But, this was just so big (can you hear me whining about how big and heavy this was...errrr...is).

I actually like the distressed look that the sander gave it. It has a more chippy look in areas that I just love.

This is just one of those pieces that looks better in person. Or perhaps my photography just sucks. I just couldn't capture how cool the Arles with a little bit of dark wax ended up looking.

Six cubbies plus six really long drawers for storage galore!

We're going to be using this in the back of the store to store our tools and paints. So, it is for sale, but with a steeper than usual price...because it's so heavy...and I don't want to move it again...at least, not for awhile!

I'm seeing a pairing of Arles and Greek Blue in the near future! I have some ideas, so stay tuned!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Inspired by a Doilie

What do you do with doilies?

I don't have a single doilie at home! Possibly, because it churns up memories of doilies in every shape and size under anything imaginable in my house where I grew up. Doilies are sooooo a thing of the past.

Well...unless you can do something super creative like make lamp shades, curtain valances, etc.

This doilie is huge! I snagged it up at a yard sale a few weeks ago and just knew I had the perfect project for it!

We used the doilie as a pattern to cover the entire front of this unique cabinet. Actually...we didn't do anything. Macy completed this cabinet with my inspiration doilie!

Macy painted the outside in French Linen. She taped off the sides with Frog Tape. Laid the doilie over the front, taped it down and painted ivory so that the pattern "transferred" onto the cabinet doors. I distressed around the ivory and on the sides and added dark wax.

Some useful cubbies and an awesome pop out drawer! How random is that?

It's the new piece in the shop this week!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hollywood Glam and Milk Paint Makeover

I can just see this piece of furniture, sitting idly beside a grand canopied bed in a Carey Grant movie. The starlet (blonde of course) is laying in bed in a silky nighty with feathers wrapped around the sleeves and the collar, while engaging in witty conversation and smoking a cigarette (sooooo not glamorous, by the way).

All that is going through my head when I'm determining how much I'm willing to pay for something that makes me think of movie stars and was likely made in the 1920's or 30's.

I found this lovely piece on craigslist from a woman who lives just two miles south of me off of the same street, coordinated to come see it and barely made it home in an already full truck the same day (this was all yesterday, by the way).

Then, today I decided that I could wait no longer to tackle it with a paint brush.

I used Sea Green Milk Paint over the entire outside of the piece and in parts of the inside.

I love how unpredictable milk paint is. Where it grabs to the wood so nicely in some areas, in others it flakes off in a beautifully, natural looking aged sort of way.

The handles are original and dreamy!

And the inside...

Can I get an "oh baby" for the awesome pull out compartments with original metal inscripted labels.

Plus, hanging room for all those silky, feather lined nighties...or other stuff.

Sadly, the store is so packed full right now that I couldn't possibly squeeze this in there. So, it will be on the for sale page available for viewing and/or pick up until I can fit it into the shop.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Painting with a 5-Year Old

I'm taking a deep breath and working toward decompressing from a busy but blessed day. It was one of those (sad to say, but few) days where EVERYONE with whom I had a conversation was so nice and friendly. Complete strangers. From store looky-loos, to a craigslist seller to a random guy driving by and watching me struggle with re-arranging a near disastrous furniture fall out in the middle of Lone Hill Ave. He stopped and helped  me re-arrange and tie down all my stuff.

Plus, my 5-year old spent the whole day with me in the store and "helped" all the while. Including, tackling her own project from start to finish with the promise that IF she finished, she would get to keep the money from the sale.

"No, mommy, NOOOOOO...don't make me paint!!!" Well, not really. She's just being a goof ball and believe me, she LOVES to paint.

I would trust no other 5-year old with a precious can of Annie Sloan Paint, but this girl has been painting with me since she was three years old.

Painting her first chair ever! Just 3-years old!

Although I've let her paint a dozen pieces of furniture, I've never had her tackle the distressing. So, today she got a lesson.

Check out that rapid hand movement with a fine sanding block!

I didn't help her once! That's the beauty of distressing. Anything goes (except for that Vaseline dresser I did a few weeks ago)!

When it was all said and done she posed for a picture.

She picked Emperors Silk for the paint and was very specific about using dark wax.  All in all, she did a fantastic job. At the end of the day, she had red paint from head to toe.

While Samantha was painting her side table, I was tackling this dresser.

I'll share better pictures early next week, but it's my latest and greatest with sheet music!

ANNNNNNND...I snagged a couple of fantabulous antique armoires off of craigslist.

I barely made it home with them!

I was cracking up because the incredibly nice lady who sold them to me did a full on google search to make sure I wasn't going to kill her when I got to her house! That's what I call doing your homework when dealing with a craigslist buyer!

Here's to a welcome weekend of rest and relaxation...or painting. Whichever you prefer! ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Union Jack

I swore to myself I wouldn't paint a Union Jack. It's too "copycat." They are all over pinterest and blogland.

Union Jack Lips

Union Jack Chair

Union Jack Coffee Table

Union Jack Dresser

And a hundred other variations to put the Union Jack on...anything, really.

Enter the Lane Cedar Chest.

My mother in law found this Lane Cedar Chest and picked it up for me. These retail for between $120 and $225 used. New, they are between $400 and $800. Suffice it to say, they are high quality pieces of furniture that bring in a pretty penny.

I thought about what to do with it for a couple of weeks. White...safe. Paris Grey...safe. Stenciling...I'm kind-of sick of doing stenciled pieces. The shape was perfect for a Union Jack...but, I don't want to do a Union Jack...but they are all over the Internet and it's so popular.

I battled with myself for a few days and finally bit the bullet and decided to go for it.

I started with ASCP Aubusson over the entire piece.

Then I free-handed the red stripes with Emperor's Silk.

I taped off the red for the white stripes and added a red stripe to the front to carry the pattern onto the front of the cedar chest.

Then I distressed the whole piece and added a mix of clear wax and dark wax, and then hit it with dark wax in some spots.

This seemed to be the perfect piece to paint the British flag. It's big enough to make a statement, but still an accent piece and shouldn't dominate any one room.

Long live the Queen!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Picking, Painting and Peacocks

I set aside my weekend for an adventure in picking with my mom and sister. That's not really out of the ordinary, except that I got out of town to "pick" the desert. It's hot out here!

This is just a sampling of what I will be bringing home with me!

I also splurged on an antique dresser, paying between two and three times more than I am typically willing to spend on a piece of furniture.

I just love this piece, though. All of the original hardware is on it. It has the original wooden casters. Beautiful rose details adorn the front, mirror posts and mirror. I was super anxious to get working on this...but, I'm out of town and don't have any supplies...except...

I found a bag of milk paint in the truck that I just got in the mail! WOO HOO! There are some advantages to never cleaning out the car.

With that being my only option, this dresser was going to have to be Peacock Blue.

With the triple digit temp...okay...maybe just 95 degrees...the paint dried super fast. I mixed a really watered down version of paint so that it went on more like a lime wash. I didn't wipe the excess (like you do for a lime wash look) but left the variation in brush strokes and areas of deeper color knowing that when I distressed it would come right off.

I kept the hardware in its original state.

I didn't do anything to the top, but left the original wood and stain, complete with the natural wear that it shows.

When it was all said and done, it took less than two hours to paint and distress. When I get home, it will get a coat of clear wax with a bit of dark wax in some spots.

My lesson learned from this project:

I am going to put together a painting kit to keep with me for my out of town trips. I can't tell you how many times I've been away for a weekend and gotten a new find that I'm anxious to work on. The only reason I was able to tackle this one was because I just so happened to stumble upon a bag of paint in the car! I'll share what I include in my painting kit as soon as I put it together, which of course won't be until I go out of town again.

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