Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Heap

This dresser was a HEAP! See beyond the high gloss latex; beyond the plain, yellow wood knobs; beyond the scratches, chipped paint and uninspiring yellow.

Beneath the cream and yellow paint is solid wood with a deep brown stain.

With the simple lines yet elegant curvature of the top drawers...I saw some awesome potential!

Step 1: Strip the hideous high gloss paint.

Step 2: Strip the thick varnish

Step 3: Sand

Step 4: Stand back and admire the GORGEOUS wood!!!

Step 5: this case using Annie Sloan Dark Wax to stain the wood. I applied two coats of dark wax.

Step 6-9: Paint, distress, wax, add new hardware.

Ta Da!

I used some Aubusson and Louis Blue that I mixed for one project, added a bunch of old white and painted the mix over the dresser with out mixing it completely. The result was a blue/white marbly pattern throughout the paint.

And, just in case you forgot what it looked like before:



  1. What a great makeover. I really love that wood top-it looks perfect now! xo Diana

  2. Wow you brought the beauty back to this beast! Very nice job :) I love the stained top it looks great with the blue.

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