Monday, September 17, 2012

Faith, Trust and a Little Bit of Pixie Dust

Last week was a big first in our family! The first tooth fell out!

Like all of my best ideas, they come at the very last minute. So, the night she lost her tooth, we had the brilliant idea that we needed a teeny tiny tooth fairy door for the tooth fairy to enter the house. Believe or not, you can buy a tooth fairy door on etsy. But, my style and my budget is more DIY. I navigated the internet to figure out how to go about making our very own tooth fairy door and found the best deal through multiple vendors on ebay.

I got the door and crown molding from one vendor, the "glass crystal" knob and keyhole from another vendor and door knocker from yet another vendor.

The whole set up ended costing just about $20.

I painted the frame and molding Old White.

Then I used Emile on the door with a little bit of Antoinette mixed in it for the pinky/purply marbly effect. Super girly!

Finally, I hot glued the accessories for the final look and voila! The tooth fairy can now get inside our house to collect her new tooth.

Just how small is this teeny tiny tooth fairy door...


On a side note, since we had to wait about a week to get the door in the mail and painted, the tooth fairy left a teeny tiny note for my daughter explaining that she couldn't get into the house and thought it fair to leave a deposit for her tooth until she returned.

My daughter wanted to put a price tag on her tooth so the tooth fairy new just how much to pay. That's my girl!



  1. Michelle, This is adorable:):) I loved the door and the smile. xo, Susie

  2. Oh, I'm soooo completely in love with that little door! It's got such great detailing! I just know I'm going to be thinking about it all day, lol!

    I have a very similar picture of my daughter with her first tooth missing, she is also blonde and she was also in her nightgown when we took it! She is now in her third year of university! Sigh...

  3. I think that is the Best!!!! IDEA!!! Ever... I will have to make one for my Granddaughters. I think there are many more teeth to be lost and certainly the Tooth Fairy should have access to them... What a Great Great Mom!

  4. What a sweet idea and such a clever girl to set her own value1 ~ Maureen

  5. What a brilliant idea - think it's my favorite craft idea EVER!!
    What a lucky little girl

  6. I love how your door looks weathered. It makes it really unique and pretty. I bet she loved it. :)


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