Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Epic Fail

I've painted fabric before.

I painted the stripe pattern and French stencil on the upholstery of this settee.

I stenciled the script on this seat.

And, last summer I full on painted a chair. It looked awesome!

So, I thought I'd give a couch a try.

If I could paint a chair, why not a couch?

Enter this cute little wood framed love seat. I loved everything about this sofa. The ruffle on the bottom. The wood detailing on the top and the arms. Everything except for the dingy blue fabric.

I started painting it.

And, I painted more...

...and more...

...and more. Really, this took [freaking] FOREVER!

Can you tell how it is slightly discolered around it?Well, that was me thinking that if I watered the paint way down, it would go further. Instead, it just completely soaked into the material.

I started with Old Ochre as my color of choice.

But, after two full cans, I ran out of paint. So, I went to Old White. I keep between 12 and 20 cans in stock so knew I wouldn't run out.

Here's the scoop...this project was AWFUL! Awful in the "I was on the verge of screaming and running out of the store pulling my hair out" kind of awful. It took at least a week to finish and consumed...wait for it...six full cans of paint! At $38.95 per quart...well...you can do the math.

This is my two cents on why I think it was such a pain to paint. 1. The fabric was too soft and a wider cotton weave. The other fabrics I've painted have been tighter...I don't know how else to explain it. But, the paint just soaked into this fabric. 2. The ruffles and bunched fabric on the back nearly did me in. Too many nooks and crannies to work the paint into. 3. And, it took two coats. So, not only did I have to endure painting it once (by then I was in too deep to just give up) I had to paint the bloody thing twice.

Oh yeah...after pictures?

Cute, right?

Try sitting on it! HA!

Just make sure you are wearing pants and no part of your skin makes contact. It's quite...itchy...like 60 grit sandpaper itchy.

I painted the wood frame in French Linen.

This would look so cute as a photo prop. No one would ever have to know it's painted!

The reason I classify this as an epic fail is because it (in my opinion) is not a buyable product. I highly doubt I will be able to sell this for even half of the cost that went into "fixing it up."

But, at least I have a nice place to cozy up with my girls and read a story while we are hanging in the store. So, there's a plus to everything!


  1. Oh, Michele! What a lot of work and you can still see bits of the blue through it, can't you? We have all had fails and at least you finished the job. You are right-it is a good prop for photos though- xo Diana

  2. You poor thing! I hate when projects don't turn out the way I envisioned them and on top of that take so much of my time! I TOTALLY love your first two pictures, though, and would love to try something like that someday!
    I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award, come check it out if you want to pass it on!

  3. Go you for trying! I'm featuring your project in the PoPP Spotlight this weekend. Thanks for linking up.

  4. Bummer! It was a good idea though. Looks really cute from a far. I probably wouldn't have even thought of something like that. At least you tried and now you know what you can and can't paint; and so do we :). I think the trial always must come with an occasional error to make you even more wise.

  5. I think you can sand it. Check out the blog the little house in the big d--I am pretty sure she painted some chairs and sanded the fabric after to make it soft.


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