Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ordering Paint, Trimming Trees and A New Camera

It's hard to believe, but I have been carrying Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the store for almost a year. Technically, the first part of February will be a year...but close enough. I've prided myself on keeping the paint in-stock. I've had buyers as far away as Las Vegas come specifically for paint, and there is nothing more frustrating or more embarassing than to say, "I'm sorry you drove four hours, but we're out of that color." That's just bad business! So, I am diligent about not running out.

However, in the past month, the Annie Sloan company has done a bit of re-structuring which has impacted how I process my orders, where I get them from and the minimum order requirements. Not to bore any of you with the businessy details of it, but all this to say that as I become more adept at using the new ordering system and managing the minimum order requirements (which means a tremendous amount of budget management as well), ordering and receiving paint has been...well...delayed. On my end specifically. So, as I sit here writing this post, staring at a group of empty bags awaiting the half-dozen pre-orders for clear wax that I ran out of over a week ago...please be patient as I work out the kinks in the system. And, please...please call ahead if you are coming for a specific color just to double check that it is in stock! We'll even put it on hold for you!

The new batch of paint is due toward the end of this week along with Annie's new Workbook!!!

I am so, so, so excited about this Work book that we are going to have a fun, inspirational and entirely experimental painting event just to celebrate it's release!!! So, check back here for the details!!!

So...have you started decorating for Christmas?

We pulled out the boxes last weekend amidst the wet and dreary weather and even shopped for a Christmas tree in the rain. It wasn't as good as snow, but at least it was cold.

I'm refraining from showing too much....because today I'm receiving my new camera!!!

No more blurry, smudgy cell phone pictures!!! Thanks to Cyber Monday deals, four years worth of saving my spare change and hours of dilligent deal searching, I was able to pull enough together to invest in a real camera! Maybe now I can be a real blogger. :)

So when it gets here today and is fully charged, I will share (more pictures than I'm sure you want to see) my teeny tiny Christmas tree project.

This is offically the last cell phone picture I will put on this blog. Okay...probably not the last. ;)


  1. Can't wait to see your new pics.

  2. Congrats on your new camera. I can't wait to see your new pics and all your Christmas decorations-xo Diana ps. I need a good camera too- I'm still working with a little point and shoot-

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