Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Year

Happy New Year!

I don't know about you, but my New Year has had a bit of a bumpy start. I start every new year with this grand feeling of a clean slate...a fresh start...amazing goals and aspirations...I feel like anything is possible. That feeling is what drives and motivates me. But, it doesn't take much to get me down. Like, the fact that the heater at home went out, the pool and spa heater went kapoot and the computer is on the fritz (which means I can only update my blog while at the store). Plus, some upcoming event planning isn't running as smoothly as I had hoped and the constant clutter in the shop as a result of this huge photography related project gives me the jitters. And, my husband was down for a few days with the flu which meant doing my best to chorale the kids out of the house so he could rest.

So, I'm trying to pull myself out of this funk that I've been in for the past week and regain my motivation! 

How do you stay focused and motivated when life throws curve balls?

I decided that I needed to pull myself off the couch yesterday afternoon and I got the girls out of the house, rolled up my paint pants, threw on a pair of sneakers and told my 5-year old she was going to learn how to ride her two-wheeler. So, before dinner I was running up and down the block pushing the bike while the little one was trying to keep up on her tricycle. I had a chorus of "DON'T LET GO," and "MOMMY, WAIT FOR ME" trailing down the street...over and over and over. We had so much fun and getting my heart pumping from the activity did wonders to my overall spirit! 

I also had a great break from the normal routine last Sunday. My friend, Michelle Black and I headed down to Orange County to scope out the Irvine Antique Market. We are slated to sell there in March, but we wanted to get a feel for the venue before we committed. 

The view was breathtaking! 

The antique market wasn't half bad either! It was no Rose Bowl, but I kind-of liked that about it. The overall atmosphere was so much more relaxed than the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

We made some friends with these cute ladies who specialize in antique military memorabilia! That Civil War Era hat was $100. I didn't buy it.

I did buy this awesome (and very solid and heavy) wood chest of drawers. It has exactly twelve drawers...just the right number to paint Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint colors on each drawer. 

Michelle B. went home with these amazing lockers. I was totally jealous. That's the problem with shopping with people who are into the same type of end up fighting for the same things. :) 

I stood over this cable spool table that came with benches made out of egg baskets for about ten minutes...going back and forth between buying or not buying. I ended up not getting it but thought it was a fabulous piece made out of 100% re-purposed materials. 

When we left the house, I told Michelle, "I'm not planning on buying anything." Well... you know how that goes. Thanks to Eddie there who lent us his manly muscles and some straps, we managed to squeeze everything into the truck (You should visit Eddie's space at the Rose Bowl this B14). 

We had so much fun together and are definitely going to be selling down there in March. Michelle, my friend Mike and I will be getting one big space. Michelle will be selling her Image Transfer pieces, I will liquidate some of the furniture that has been sitting in the store for a long time and Mike will be bringing some of his awesome antiques from his booth in Orange.

If it goes well, we might may make a habit of it. We'll see! 


  1. Do you ever sell at Seaside Park Ventura?

    1. No...I have never been to that one. Is it awesome?

  2. Well, you know-you sounded pretty down at the start of your post but by the end you were all pumped about the show. I think life is just like that in general- a really great stretch followed by the pits....ain't life grand? Did she learn to ride the 2 wheeler all by herself? xo Diana

  3. So sorry I missed this. Maybe I'll come join you in March. :)

  4. Hello, your blog is vey beautiful and interesting. Congratulations. Kisses from Spain.

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