Thursday, February 14, 2013

Custom Milk Paint Color

What a week we've had. In fewer than six days we have:

Participated in the Glendora Village Wine Walk,
Set-up (and tore down) an awesome Valentine's Themed Photo Booth,
Hosted an Annie Sloan Paint and Play Workshop,
Re-arranged the entire store,
Unpacked and displayed over 200 cans of paint and wax,
Finished three large pieces of furniture and several smalls,
Completed a private paint lesson,
Got over 1,000 likes on facebook...
...and somewhere in between all of that cut and pasted 40 class Valentines, forgot to take lunch to school one day, finished 14 pages of homework (for Kindergarten) and on and on.  
My reward for a busy and productive week is a weekend in the beautiful Central Coast to celebrate my Grandpa's 94th birthday and pause to take a breath! sigh
The fruits of my labor:

I'm almost 100% positive I will be keeping this piece, what with the awesome feet and all...
...and the new knobs with some bling.
I used a custom mix of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint that was about 4 parts White Ironstone to 1 part Kitchen Scale. The details have White Ironstone and the outside is finished with Hemp Oil.
Also finished was an awesome Drop Leaf Table.
I love, love the curvy legs and detail work. This table is so feminine and dainty.
I painted it with Miss Mustard Seed's Linen and it has an old worn, chippy look.
The cane back chairs are awesome too and completed by two of the participants in our last Paint and Play Workshop. Nice work, huh?!
Finally, a beautiful low boy in Graphite with sheet music decopauged on the sides.
We kept the original hardware.

I like its classic simplicity.

I'm off to do laundry, pack, clean house...basically all the things I didn't get around to earlier in the week! It might be a late night.

Happy President's Weekend!



  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I particularly love the china cabinet with her feet and her lovely hardware. Could you share this at my link party this Sunday? Silver Pennies Sundays. Thank you!

  2. Michele! Love your blog, I just finished reading back to your first post! (sometimes I can't sleep!) I have a spot in a great antique store in Washington & I have been in a funk lately, but reading thru your posts has given me new inspiration! Have a great weekend & happy picking! Michelle K

  3. Love the china cabinet's "custom" paint color and bling hardware! Great job!

  4. beautiful cabinet!!
    congrats on all your success!


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