Saturday, October 19, 2013

Spiders, Skeletons and Spooks...OH MY!

Welcome goblins and ghouls, to our knot too spooky Halloween reveal!

We've spent the last three weeks decorating the store for Halloween...well, I will be honest...Caitlin has spent the last three weeks decorating and we've just been there to help tackle her mile long to-do list. It's been a lot of fun and the shop looks ghoulishly frightening!

A nest of spiders made their home in an old book

Frankestein and his Bride

 A skeletal dinner party...

...the mens clothes disintegrated

Black german glass glitter makes the spiders sparkle.

Homemade, eerie candlesticks. Made from PVC pipes.

Wine bottles and vintage apothecary jars turned mystifying potions.
These are just some of the Halloween displays! You can stop by and see all of the spookiness next Friday!

Interactive Photo Booth, Paint a Pumpkin, Cake Mamas cupcakes, Frisellas Chips and Salsa and fun music!

Carvable pumpkins get some knot too shabby style flair with Chalk Paint® and German Glass Glitter.
Image Transfer Halloween Art by Michelle E. Black


  1. I saw those candles first hand at the store and thought they were so cool! This would be another thing that I'd love to see a tutorial on. I love all the decorations!

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