Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Small Business Saturday

Here's how it works here in town...

  • Free Gift Wrap
Gifts purchased on Saturday, November 30th from Glendora small businesses will be offered complimentary gift wrap in the Village Plaza, Downtown.

  • Gift Card Raffle
One entry per $25 of receipts from participating small businesses. Five winners will be offered a gift card from a participating business of their choice ($50-$100)

  • Special Offers
Participating businesses and offers can be found at www.CityofGlendora.org/SmallBusinessSaturday

at knot too shabby...

We are doing something unheard of! Offering something that we've never offered! Doing the unthinkable!

PAINT SALE! (insert loud screaming and jumping here)

We. Have. NEVER. put paint on sale. NEVER. So, here's how it works.

In conjunction with the Annie Sloan Unfolded "Snap and Share" photo contest, we are not only promoting the $1,500 paint giveaway, but offering discounts on paint product this Saturday, November 30th for Small Business Saturday.

Here's what you need to do! Stop by knot too shabby to take your photo in front of our holiday paint display.

Then, enter your photo in the "Snap and Share" contest on facebook. 

Show us your entry (either print it and bring it or upload from your phone while you are here) and receive a discount on paint. The more paint you buy, the more you save.

  • Receive $1 off each quart of paint for three or less quarts
  • Receive $2 off each quart of paint for six or less quarts
  • Receive $3 off each quart of paint for over six quarts
  • Receive $1 off on wax
  • If you purchase 10 or more paint related products, we will throw in a free paint brush!
  • You can mix and match products. So, if you want two cans of Chalk Paint® and two bags of milk paint, that counts as four quarts total!  
We want as many people entering the Chalk Paint® "Snap and Share" giveaway and are adding to the $1,500 prize. If the winning entry is a knot too shabby display photo, we are giving away a Private Paint Party to the winner! That is an additional $450 value making the top prize nearly $2,000 (insert more jumping and screaming here)! 

Other Small Business Saturday perks...

Shop with your American Express card and shop for free.
  • Card member must register any eligible Amex card online at shopsmall.com
  • Use the registerd card on Saturday, November 30th to spend $10 or more in a single, in-store transaction at qualifying small business location.
  • Receive a one-time $10 statement credit for that transaction from American Express.
Other details can be found shopsmall.com so check out how you can save money and shop for free!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Annual Glendora Holiday Stroll Knot Too Shabby sings!

On Monday night of this week I was laying in bed trying to think of a fun way to promote the Holiday Stroll on facebook. Then it struck me. I should re-write a traditional Christmas song. Problem...only 24 hours to write it, film it and post it. I scribbled some lyrics down and convinced my Dad to play piano and Caitlin to play sleigh bells. 
My plan was to prop my cell phone against a pile of books pointed toward us and hope for a few decent takes to upload. Caitlin came with an entourage who had a laptop, a camera and great directorial skills. It was legit...at least the behind the camera scene was legit. Not so much what we were doing.  ;)
Thanks to Eric and Rose, we got some great video coverage and really good direction. I'm pretty sure Rose saved us on rhythm.
I bring you "Strollin' Down Glendora Avenue"
Video by ER Collective with cinematography & editing by Erick De Luna and conducting by Rose Ivy Wallace
Lyrics by Michele Rivard
Dad on Piano
Caitlin Holland on Sleigh Bells
Sung to the tune of "Winter Wonderland"

"Strollin' Down Glendora Ave."
Sung to the tune of "Winter Wonderland"

Sleigh bells ring are you listenin'?
On the street trees are glistenin'
A beautiful sight We're happy tonight
Strollin' down Glendora Avenue

Cruisin' by Classic Coffee
In the air I smell a latte
Martha's has sweets but Desire has better treats
Strollin' down Glendora Avenue 

Head on north we're here at Undercovers
how 'bout a bra or sexy lingerie
Walk down south for Frye boots and a sweater
a scarf to round it out at Sunny Days

Get em wrapped at Periwinkle
with a boy that shines and twinkles
some flowers from She's or a computer at TPC
Strollin' down Glendora Avenue

Wait whats that I see? It's knot too shabby
Our favorite store in town here's why, you'll see!
We "pick," we paint, we teach and we're not crabby
So grab a can of paint and paint with me

This Friday night, we'll be busy
But there's no need to have a tizzy
We promise not to sing if you check out our scene
Strollin' down Glendora Avenue

Come out this Friday night for a Holiday Stroll delight

Monday, November 18, 2013

59 Drawers

I subscribe to ebay feeds. I plug in search words like "vintage typewriter," "card catalog," "apothecary cabinet," etc. When something new gets posted that fits those categories I get an e-mail. 99.9% of the time, I delete the e-mail without even looking at it. It's a time thing. It's almost always a money thing. Those are popular ebay items and sell for big dollars. I'm searching for the random-it-slipped-between-the-cracks-item that perhaps has a misspelled word or is for local pick-up that hasn't been seen. Those items have the potential to be cheap! 

Earlier this month, I got one of my regular ebay emails for this cabinet. Why I just happened to look at that e-mail I shall never know. 59 drawers, solid wood, nearly all of the hardware was intact and in good shape. Over 100 inches long and 42 inches tall. For local pick-up in Big Bear City.  

I got a little excited. The starting bid was at $400 with a buy it now option for $1,200. In just one day, it had 12 watchers. I made contact with the buyer to get some more info and ended up just watching it for the week. 

On the last day of the auction, I crawled out of bed early to see if it had any bids. None. 

I got to the shop to check again. Still no bids with only an hour to go. 

I set my alarm on my phone for 5 minutes before the end of the auction so that I wouldn't forget about it. Good thing, too because I would have forgotten if my alarm wasn't set.

With 5 minutes out, there were still no bids so I placed the first bid and then just sat and stared at the computer waiting to see what happens. 

As you can guess, I won the auction for the opening bid price! Score!

Since it was local pick-up, we scheduled a mini-trip up to Big Bear over Veterans Day and tried to get some family time in.

We did the Alpine Slide and went to the Snow Play area. Big Bear is fun. You should visit sometime.


When we got to the house to pick it up I thought there was no way we were going to be able to load it in the truck. I couldn't even get it to budge.

We took all 59 drawers out and my husband and I hefted it onto the back of the truck. It didn't fit. We had to lift it and set it on top of the tail gate and put all 59 drawers back in it to get it home.

Once we got it home, my daughter helped me take out all 59 drawers (again) and remove the hardware.

My original plan was to leave the piece in its original finish. BUT, when I saw it in person it was just too tired and weepy to leave as-is. Not the kind of tired that hemp oil was going to revive. So, it needed to be painted. 

I used Milk Paint on this one. 1/2 cup Eulalies Sky with 1/4 cup Kitchen Scale and 1/4 cup Ironstone. I had plenty for all of the drawers and part of the framework. 

The framework got a straight coat of Ironstone. There was only one coat of paint on the whole thing!

I stripped down the top and used Annie Sloan Dark Wax to stain it so that the coloring between the revealed wood under the chippy finish and the top matched. (On a side note, when you use milk paint and are going for that chippy look, be sure that if you stain the top that you use a color that matches the finish on the base. If your top is dark but the base color where the paint chips is a blonde oak, the end result is not very authentic looking piece).

The insets on the side have the same Eulalies Sky mix as the drawers.

And the drawers got new hardware. Each drawer will hold our stock of hardware! Which means, I won't be selling this piece of furniture. :) It also means I can get more knobs and a much bigger variety of knobs!

The top showcases Michelle E. Black's image transfer art as well as all of the image transfer supplies!

It's refreshing to have a permanent display piece! 

And, it looks much larger in person than in a picture! 

I think I might be scoping out ebay a bit more often for furniture!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wall of Crates

We are getting ready for the Annual Downtown Glendora Holiday Stroll, full speed ahead. It's taken a couple of weeks to recover from Halloween and I haven't  given a ton of thought as to what the store is going to look like for Christmas. But, with just over a week until the biggest event of the year, we kicked it into high gear.

Weekly goal number 1:
A trip up to Big Bear to pick up the second largest piece of furniture I've ever purchased.

Over eight feet long with 59 total drawers, this newest display piece will house all of our knobs for sale.

Weekly goal number 2:
Paint the second largest piece of furniture I've ever purchased so that it is ready to go in the store.

Weekly goal number 3:
In order to make room for the second largest piece of furniture I've ever purchased, I had to do some major reconfiguring with the furniture and existing displays.

The plan was to have the large knob cabinet mirror my other massive paint display cabinet.

(Of all my files of pictures, you'd think I'd have a photograph of this all finished, but no...can't find one anywhere).

Unfortunately, currently mirroring this display was my wall of crates.

15 crates staggered together to create a jumble of display space. I liked how it was, but I didn't love it. And, it always ended up being a catch all for the stuff I didn't know what to do with. So, the fact that it needed to be disassembled and moved was a good thing.

Weekly goal number 4:
Make the crates look old and re-arrange them in a new place.

Audra, Karene and I spent ALL day yesterday and part of today dark waxing every single one of these crates...inside and out. I'm seriously going to have dark wax in my fingernails for a few days. I didn't realize how much I disliked the blonde color of the crates until we finished covering them in dark wax. They look so much better...richer...a bit more authentic!

I re-stacked them in a more symmetrical pattern and attached them to the back wall of the store to display all of our more crafty items.

You can see the "treat bags" pennant from the front door of the shop.

Washi tapes and our new line of cotton ribbon hang on tension rods so they are easy to see. And, I attached a yard stick so that it is easy to measure and cut the ribbon by the yard.

Burlap ribbons, glue sticks and our Lumiere pearlescent paints...

Michelle E. Black's greeting card line and packaging materials...

Vintage ribbons, more burlap, jute twine and bakers twine...

And a host of miscellaneous decorations and accessories thrown in the mix...

Including Michelle E. Black's newest horse picture! LOVE!!!

I utilized the space clear to the ceiling.

My day was consumed with putting this together along with the knob display. At this point in the store, we are in the phase of "worse before it gets better." And, I'm learning to be okay with that and embrace it as a part of the process of freshening things up. It's fun to have a place that is ever-evolving and constantly changing. If that means you have to step over a few stacks of books or push aside a chair to browse...well...it's just the way that it is.

I promise you that by next Friday night, we will be re-assembled, decorated and ready with live music, a photo booth by Killer Cupcake Event Photography, goodies from Sweets Indeed and rustic Christmas decorations all over the place!

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