Tuesday, April 29, 2014

knot too shabby BAZAAR-The Dynamic Duo

If you live in Glendora, shop in Glendora or work in Glendora, it's more than likely that you have run into Barbara and Dennis Hart.

I first met the Hart's when Dennis took one of our Chalk Paint® Workshops. I still remember the chair he painted with a bold two-color distressed finish layering Greek Blue and Provence. It was awesome when he finished it!

Dennis and Barbara have a double-wide booth at this Saturday's BAZAAR and their set-up is a must see!

Barbara and Dennis fall into the shabby cottage flavor of shabby chic home decor. She loves florals in the home and masses of blooms in the garden. And, at the BAZAAR on Saturday, you will find a wealth of home and garden accents in addition to Barbara's beautiful quilts. 

Like so many artisans, Barbara and Dennis have been crafting and creating for as long as they can remember. While Dennis calls Barb's quilting, "buying fabric, cutting it in to small pieces and sewing it together again," he is as supportive as a husband as anyone could ask for. Dennis helps Barb match colors and designs and (pay attention men!), even helps iron material.

Barbara says the most challenging aspect of quilting is getting colors and patterns pleasing to the eye. She loves moving outside of her comfort zone to try new things and work with new colors. If it doesn't quite work out as planned, well "perfection is over-rated" she says!

Remember to stop by Dennis and Barbara's booth this Saturday, May 3rd. They will be in Space 2 & 3!

The knot too shabby BAZAAR is this Saturday, May 3rd from 7:00-3:00 pm on the corner of Glendora Ave. and Bennet Ave. in the Glendora Village.

Join the official knot too shabby BAZAAR facebook event! 


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